How to Plan Data Analysis of the Research Study

Data analysis is very easy if you know how you will do it. Collecting and analysing the data are very hectic jobs to do. But, what data analysis is? Data analysis is a process used to extract valuable information from raw data. Says LeCompte and Schensul. This process helps researchers break raw data into smaller fragments that make sense. Why is data analysis important in a dissertation writing project ? A research study relies heavily on data. There will be a question in the research. The respondents will answer that question. The answer to the question is, in fact, the data. If there are no questions, then you collect data yourself. The researchers call it “data mining.”   Data Analysis in Qualitative Research There are two types of data, i.e. qualitative and quantitative. A qualitative consists of the words and descriptions. This is subjective and very hard to analyse in a research study. It explains taste, experience, texture, or an opinion. There will be no numbers in this data.